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Washington (WA)

(Letzte Änderung: 2.02.2023 @ 15:30)

Gar nicht mal so übel bis maßlos unterschätzt.

Auf diese einfache Formel könnte man die Meinungen, die ich im Internet über Washington gefunden habe, reduzieren. Hier einige Kostproben:

"It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL here. Great view of tall trees and mountains, no matter where you're standing! (even in the middle of a big city)" (Quelle: www.the-top-tens.com)

"Closest thing to Alaska you can get if you want to stay in the mainland! Crisp cold weather, forest that go as far as the eye can see, and mountains that touch the sky... Only bad thing about this place is the bears." (Quelle: www.the-top-tens.com)

Herrlich finde ich die feine Ironie bei gawker.com: The worst 50 states in America (so etwas traut man eigentlich nur den Briten zu). Mit einem Score von 7,05 (von 10) landet Washington auf einem sehr guten Platz 44 der schrecklichsten Staaten. Das ist mal ein Lob!

Auf der Kontra-Seite befinden die Autoren:

"Starbucks launched its great global coffee takeover from Washington. Seattle has been scientifically proven to be one of America's most annoying cities. It rains all the time. Spokane is a weird place. Did we mention it rains all the time? It rains all the time. And, again, it should be reiterated that Seattle is a very annoying place." Herrlich.

Noch ein letztes Zitat:

"There are many beautiful states in the USA, and even though I would not normally vote for my home state ... I feel Washington is way underrated. The spectacular scenery, with the water, forests and mountains makes it feel like New Zealand or the Alps or a miniature Alaska ... The mountains here look bigger and have more glaciers on them than anywhere else in the lower 48, and they are very verdant with spectacular alpine meadows unrivaled anywhere else that I have seen in the mainland US.

Add to that the wonderful seafood, local wine, and the art scene of Seattle and surrounding communities like Port Townsend (not to mention the spectacular backdrop of Mt Rainier and other mountains, and all the water around it that makes it rival San Francisco in scenic beauty). Vancouver B.C. is world famous for its scenery and everything else but Seattle has all that too.

The only thing Washington doesn't have is tropical weather, white sand beaches and water you can swim in without getting cold. But where else in this country can you go skiing in the morning (or alpine hiking in the summer) and then in the afternoon be on a sailboat exploring the many different islands around the Puget Sound? It is also a kayakers paradise with places like the San Juan islands to explore and interact with the marine life.
" (Quelle: www.the-top-tens.com)

Das kann man wohl erst einmal so stehen lassen. Washington? - way underrated.


State Info

Nickname: Evergreen State

Olympic NP (Hurricane Ridge)

Port Angeles

Population: 7.170.351 (rank 13/50)
Capital: Olympia
Largest City:Seattle
Size:66.455 square miles
Featured Sites: Cape Disappointment SP
Dungeness NWR
Fort Columbia SP
Mt. Rainier NP
Mt. St. Helens NVM
Olympic NP
Quellen: Wikipedia sowie U.S. Census Bureau

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